The Skinny On Credit Cards – Book Review

By: Jim Randel (2010)

ISBN 978-0-9818935-4-9

Book Price: $14.95

Plain-English, entertaining, explanation of important topics

Jim Randel is an attorney and entrepreneur who has studied topics of financial literacy and personal achievement for thirty years. After years of studying how people learn, RAND Publishing has created The Skinny On series of books to provide a plain-English, and entertaining story, explanation of today’s most important topics.

Credit card education

Jim Randel uses a creative cartoon-style approach to educate readers. He addresses points as, “What is a financial blueprint?” (p. 13); “… card companies… ” (p. 50); “… what happens once money is loaned to you” (p. 60); “… the myth that debt is good… ” (p. 93); “… lower your rates… ” (p. 135); “The credit card act” (p. 146); and more.

Overcoming debt

Jim Randel communicates with a relational, educational style. He engages readers with creativity and injects important information with a mix of humor and everyday language. Jim instructs, “To credit card companies, someone who pays off his or her balance in full every month is a “deadbeat.”” True, they like us to stay in debt!

Jim’s blunt comments reveal false assumptions many live by. He explains, “The reality is that by inducing people to pay just the 2% minimum, credit card companies were helping people dig themselves into deeper and deeper holes.”

Brief calculations express points quickly and give readers instant understanding of Randel’s insights. He shares, “… by paying $750 a month instead of $500, you can pay off your debt in 44 months instead of 79!” Great news!

Randel adds practical action steps for readers to gain instant returns on his information, and to solidify knowledge. He advises, “My first suggestion is that you call your credit card companies and ask them to lower your rates.”

Jim refers to others in his field to amplify his message. He presents, “Once people see that they can work their way out of debt, they gain energy and momentum, For this reason, some commentators recommend that in paying down debt on several cards, people should target the card with the lowest balance.” Great wisdom!

Randel notes, “… borrowing… on credit cards, is a way of using future income to pay for immediate consumption.”

Master the card game

Jim Randel shows readers how they can master the credit card game. This releases winners over debt!

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